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The Seattle International Film Festival

The Seattle International Film Festival is billed as one of the largest and most widely attended film festivals in the world. Over 400 films from over 60 countries are shown to 150,000 attendees annually. Now in its 35th year, the festival continues to be recognized as one of the top festivals in the nation. The festival's dates overlap the Cannes International Film Festival, so notably absent are a lot of the Industry leaders and celebrities that would attend a film festival the size and caliber as Seattle's. That changes the focus of the festival from the industry to the audience, giving the festival a great vibe. The organizers have put together a program that caters especially to film buffs.

The varied and diverse program is what makes the Seattle International Film Festival stand out among other film festivals. Abundant is a selection of new American and International films plus a mixture of restored and rarely seen classics culled from the festival's archival program. The festival also has a special film program for families, sci fi lovers, students, new directors, and local filmmakers. Not found at any other film festival is the SIFF Secret Festival. The secret festival consists of four films whose titles or subject matter is unannonced. They could be rare films, alternate edits or works in progress. No one really knows what is seen except the audience itself. Viewers must sign an oath not to discuss what they have seen with anyone at anytime. The mystery of the secret festival creates a quite a buzz at the festival, but its viewers are steadfast in not divulging what they have seen. Offseason the festival runs a film series featuring a variety of independent favorites. The 2010 Seattle International Film Festival runs from May 21 through June 14.

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