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Film Festivals deliver variety to movie goers

Springtime marks the start of the film festival season and, once only found at art houses and museums, they are sprouting up all over the country. These festivals often feature a wide variety of subject matter, themes and content and whilst Hollywood continues to churn out the same 'old Fiat' formulaic product, the tide is turning and film buffs are being rewarded with a rapid growth of different flavors of regional films.  Independant and foreign films, which would never have seen the light of day are now feature presentations at film festivals. Here are five film festivals from across the country worth seeking out for innovative screenings and content.

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All five film festivals accept submissions from both amateur and professional filmmakers. Seek out the individual festival's web sites for rules and information on submitting your work for consideration. These and many other festivals also accept volunteer help and offer society memberships. Becoming a member of the film society or Volunteering for a film festival will not only get you reduced cost or free tickets, but also access to many of the events and celebrities that may be difficult for the average spectator to attend.

These five festivals are a small sampling of the hundreds of film festivals located across the country. If you can't make it to one of the five, you may be able to find a film festival in or nearby your city. Check out a festival near you and you may find an undiscovered gem of a film that will never get wide release or view the premeire of the next nationwide hit.

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